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factory direct prom formal wedding dresses - designformal

BrydealoFactory & DesignFormal Since 2010

Wedding Dress & Prom Gowns

DesignFormal, your factory-direct online boutique, redefines prom and special occasion wear with an unrivaled selection and unparalleled sophistication. Beyond our exclusive range, we excel in crafting bespoke bridal party ensembles, seamlessly blending wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and flower girl dresses for a harmonious wedding aesthetic.


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Glossy Charmeuse Silky Satin Fabric Onlinebest silky charmeuse satin fabric
Lilac Shimmery Soft Tulle Fabric by the Yardpurple tulle fabrics
Romantic Flower Motif Embroidered Lace OnlineShimmery Flower Motif Embroidered Lace Online
Rhombus Hard American Tulle Material by the YardRhombus Hard American Tulle Material
dreamy rainbow tulle onlineUnique Rainbow Soft Tulle Fabric For Sale
romantic leaf embroidered lace fabric onlinebest embroidered leaf pattern lace fabric
Pretty Tiny Flower Chemical Lace Trim For Salesingle border flower lace trim online
best flower embroidered lace appliquesbest embroidered lace for sale
Beautiful Wild 3D Flower Embroidery Lace3D flower embroidery lace online
silver patterned sequin fabricsparkly sequin fabric for prom dress
Luxury 3D Flower Sequined Lace Fabric for Designer Dressbest Luxury 3D Flower Sequined Lace Fabric Online
Delicate Scalloped Single Border Corded Flower Lace Trimbest flower motif lace trim online
 Eyelash Scalloped Edges Corded Flower Embroidered Lacedesigner delicate corded bridal lace online
Double Eyelash Edging Clear Sequin Lace Trimdouble border lace trim online
Eyelash Edging Black Tiny Cording Chantilly LaceBlack Tiny Cording Chantilly Lace Online
shimmery flower lace fabricdelicate shimmery flower lace fabric
Designer Totem Motif Embroidered Lacebest clear sequin lace fabric online
Symmetric Embroidered Totem Motif Lace Appliqueclear sequin embroidered lace applique for sale
Designer Large Chiffon Embroidery Lotus Lace Fabricdesigner chiffon embroidery lace
Designer Exquisite 3D Flower Lace Appliques Onlineromantic flower lace for sale
Designer Beading & Pearls 3D Tulle Flowers LaceBest Beading & Pearls 3D Tulle Flowers Lace Online
Eyelash Scalloped Lace Narrow Corded Flower Patterndelicate eyelash lace trim online
Delicate Botanic Chemical Lace Appliques OnlineBotanic Chemical Lace Appliques Online
Dark Green Geometry Pattern Sparkly Sequin Fabricdark green unique patterned sequin fabric for sale
best cotton corded shimmery lace appliquesclear sequin corded flower lace appliques online
Best Corded Flower Lace Appliques Sold As A Pairbest corded flower lace appliques
Best Corded Flower Lace Appliques Onlinecording flower lace for sale
Beautiful Embroidered Flower Lace Appliques OnlineDesigner Embroidered Flower Lace Appliques Online
stunning symmetric totem beaded lace appliquebest beaded embroidery applique for sale
romantic small flower embroidered lacebest tiny flower bridal lace for sale
best flower Chantilly lace fabric for saledouble border flower lace fabric online
best geometry chemical lace for salehigh quality chemical lace for sale
best Chantilly lace fabric onlinebest thin Chantilly lace for sale
cream white sequined lace appliques onlinebest white sequin lace appliques for sale
flower embroidery bridal lace for salebest clear sequin flower lace fabric
sparkly embroidered flower sequin lace onlinebold red sequin embroidered applique
elegant cotton flower lace appliqueshigh quality flower lace online
rose gold abstract pattern sequin for prom dressbest sparkly sequin fabric for black women
designer abstract motif embroidery lacebest clear sequin embroidery lace online
best symmetric chemical lace appliquedelicate symmetric applique sold by the piece for sale
best symmetric flower chemical lace appliqueschemical lace appliques for sale
best scalloped corded lace trim onlinedesigner corded totem lace for sale
beautiful corded flower lace fabricbest corded flower lace appliques
best small flower lace fabric for salefashionable warp knitted lace online
Laser Cut Chiffon 3D Flowers Chantilly Lace for Designer Dressromantic 3D flower lace online for wedding
Sparkling Sequins Designer Chantilly Lace OnlineSparkling Sequins Designer Chantilly Lace
High-Quality Chemical Lace For Boho Wedding Dresselegant abstract totem pattern lace trim online
chantilly lace trimcording chantilly lace trim

Designer Fabrics

Welcome to DesignFormal's exclusive Designer Fabrics Collection, where creativity meets luxury. Explore our meticulously curated selection of exquisite fabrics that encompass a world of possibilities for your handcrafted items, clothing, wedding dresses, formal gowns, and decorations. Immerse yourself in the richness of our collection, featuring a diverse range of materials including lace, satin, tulle, mesh, sequin, silk, jersey, mikado, appliques, and lace trims. Unleash your imagination and bring your visions to life with our high-quality fabrics that epitomize elegance and sophistication. Whether you're designing an intricate lace-trimmed blouse, a show-stopping sequin gown, a romantic tulle skirt, or a sleek silk ensemble, our Designer Fabrics Collection offers the perfect foundation for your creations. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our fabrics exude opulence and are known for their exceptional quality. Let your creativity soar as you explore the endless possibilities that our collection has to offer, and elevate your designs with DesignFormal's Designer Fabrics Collection.