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factory direct prom formal wedding dresses - designformal

BrydealoFactory & DesignFormal Since 2010

Wedding Dress & Prom Gowns

DesignFormal, your factory-direct online boutique, redefines prom and special occasion wear with an unrivaled selection and unparalleled sophistication. Beyond our exclusive range, we excel in crafting bespoke bridal party ensembles, seamlessly blending wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and flower girl dresses for a harmonious wedding aesthetic.


Lace Trim

Welcome to DesignFormal's exquisite collection of Lace Trim for wedding dresses and formal dresses. Elevate your attire with the timeless elegance of lace, carefully curated to infuse romance and sophistication into your special occasions. Our Lace Trim collection is a celebration of delicate craftsmanship, featuring an array of intricate patterns and textures that complement various dress styles. Whether you're a bride seeking ethereal beauty or a guest desiring refined charm, our handpicked lace trims cater to every fashion aspiration. Explore a spectrum of colors and designs, from classic ivory to bold black, and floral to geometric motifs. Each lace trim tells a story of meticulous artistry, enhancing your garments with an enchanting touch. Adorn hems, sleeves, necklines, and more, transforming your dress into a masterpiece. Let the whispers of history and allure grace your ensemble with a touch of nostalgia, ensuring you exude confidence and grace. Indulge in the timeless allure of lace with DesignFormal, where dreams and elegance intertwine seamlessly.